Worship Ministry

The worship ministry is here to lead the body of Christ in times of corporate worship, to encourage and build up the church.

We aim at making Jesus the center of our worship here at Calvary Chapel Soroti. The worship team leads the church through songs and hymns with music instruments that gives glory to our God. We avoid any practice that tend to give glory man rather that God. 

Everyone is allowed to worship God in which ever way as long as it does not distract others from worshiping God! 

The worship team meets every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 6 pm to 8 pm to do their practices. Every one is always welcome to join them as they do their practices. 

And in case you want to join the worship team, you can always contact the worship team leader to help you know what you need to do.

The worship team always have their monthly fellowships on every first Sunday of the month at 5 pm.


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It's amazing how former students equate their present growth and ministry as a result of that involvement, with simply the investment of God's Word and the teaching of servant leadership..