Calvary Cinema

By watching Christian movies, the gospel of Jesus Christ can be preached simply by telling the story through films.

We always have Calvary Cinemas every last Sunday of the month at church from 6 pm. We also show christian films in communities around us and also in schools. 

We do believe that watching movies is one of the best ways the youth love to spend their free time. The unfortunate part is that what most of these youth watch movies that does not build them but instead introduces them to the wickedness of this world.

We therefore aim at providing christian movies to our church members so that they can have a better substitute for

their family to watch in their homes. 

Movies are a great tool to teach the youth in our generation. We also hope to be giving suggestions of the movies to look out for that deal with specific situations in life.

You can reach out to the church office and ask for a christian movie to watch with your family.

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It's amazing how former students equate their present growth and ministry as a result of that involvement, with simply the investment of God's Word and the teaching of servant leadership..